Writing Shed is an App for the iPad and iPhone aimed at writers of Novels, Short Stories and Poetry. It is more than a word processor, it is a complete management tool for all your work: novels, short stories and poetry.

Its most important features are not found in Pages/Word. As most writers know there is a lot more to the task of writing than creating documents filled with text. For example, poets typically have hundreds if not thousands of poems. Usually there will be several versions of each poem. Naming and storing all these is not well catered for by such things as iCloud Drive/DropBox. Novelists and short story writers have a similar problem. Writing shed allows you to split your work into projects so finding documents is simpler and faster.

In additions to document management the app provides features that let you track work submitted to magazines, competitions, commissions and other places.

As a word processor Writing Shed doesn’t pretend to have all the features of programs such as Pages or MS Word; however, it aims to provide sufficient features to produce draft, as opposed to camera-ready, copy.

Here is a list of the main features:

  • Multiple projects for Novels, Scripts, Short Stories and Poetry.
  • Full featured rich text editor
  • Multiple versions for each poem, scene or story
  • Add notes to poems, scenes, stories and more.
  • Synchronise between devices using iCloud
  • Scene, character and location outlines
  • Collections of poems, scenes or stories
  • Track submissions to magazines, competitions and publishers
  • Notifications to remind you of submission windows, expected publisher response dates etc
  • Share work:  email, social media, Dropbox, iCloud Drive etc
  • Import Word and rich text files from iCloud Drive, Airdrop, iTunes, and other apps