Sorting Scenes

Tip: How to sort scenes assigned to a chapter

Scenes are arranged in alphabetical order within chapter. Scenes that have not yet been assigned to a chapter are listed as unassigned. You cannot change this from the scene view. What you need to do is open the chapter view. At the bottom of the view is a sort button that lets you reorder chapters. If you select a chapter you will see the scenes assigned to the chapter. Choose edit mode and you will given the option to reorder the scenes. This order is not reflected in the scenes view.

On my ‘to do’ list I have a task requiring me to enhance the scene view to allow you to reorder scenes within chapter and also reorder chapters. I think this should simplify the interface.

Using Help

Tip: Using help

At the top of most views you will see a button with a question mark inside it. If you tap this a number of help hints will appear around the screen. Those filled with yellow are just hints. Those filled with blue are also links to more information. Tap one and another view will appear