You want to write poems, so let’s get started.

  • Create a  Poetry  project using the instructions in  Projects . An entry for the new project will appear in the Projects window. 

  • Double click on the new entry to open the project (you can also right-click on the entry and choose  Open Project from the pop up menu). A window will appear.

The window contains three areas:

  • Across the top there is a toolbar. The tools vary according to the context you are working in.

  • On the left is the navigation panel. For a Poetry project this consists of three sections, each of which contains a named item called a  Folder .

    • YOUR POEMS containing:

      • All – a list of all the poems

      • Draft – a list of draft poems

      • Ready – a list of poems ready for publication

      • Set Aside – a list of poems set aside for a later date

      • Accepted – a list of poems that have been accepted for publication


      • Collections – named collections of poems

      • Submissions – named collections that have been submitted for publication


      • Magazines – a list of magazines where you have submitted poems

      • Competitions – a list of competitions where you have submitted poems

      • Commissions – a list of commissions for the poems

      • Other – a list of places where you have sent poems, eg agents, publishers

    • OTHER

      • Research – a list of documents used for research

      • Trash – deleted poems

    • The third panel, filling most of the window, is where you will type text.

Preceding each item there is a small arrow followed by the name of the item followed by a number in brackets. 

Clicking on a arrow expands the contents of the item next to it. However, at this point none of the items contains anything. This is indicated by a 0 inside the brackets. 

Let’s move on and  write your first poem .

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