Card Index

The card index feature of Writing Shed aims to provide an overview of all the texts within a selected section of the navigation panel.

View card indexes:

Click on one of the the sections, for example  Collections  in a poetry project. The main panel will change to something like the following.

This screenshot is split into several sections (two are visible). Each section contains a card for a poem belonging to the collection named above it. Let’s look at one of these cards.

The name of the poem is at the top followed by the version number. Below this you will see the first few hundred words that begin the poem (with ‘/‘ denoting a line break). If there are multiple versions of the poem you can step through the them using the up/down arrows before  of .

At the bottom of the card there is the Show Submissions button. Clicking on this will bring up a dialog displaying details of where the poem has been submitted. See the section on  Submissions .

Finally there is the  Eye  button. If you click on that you will be taken to the poem itself. 

Card index views:

If you look in the toolbar you will see the following collection of buttons:

  • These buttons control the card index view and the  Begins  view is selected by default. 

Moving from left to right:


  • Text displays all the text contents in the selected section

  • Details displays such things as word counts, date create/updated

  • Begins displays the beginning of the text

  • Notes displays an area where you can add notes about the text for each card. These notes are also displayed in the Info panel for each text.