Writing Shed for IOS v5.00

Writing Shed for IOS v5.00 has just been released on the AppStore and should be with you sometime over the next few days. The primary purpose of V5.00, apart from a few minor fixes, is the introduction of a new payment model. Ever since the first release four years ago the app has used the…

Cyber Monday

Get 50% off the price of Writing Shed on Cyber Monday (2 December). Offer lasts for one day only.

Free Trial

Due to technical issues with the security of the payment system I have withdrawn the free trial option. If anyone reading this has purchased the in-app upgrade would you send me a message via this website.

I Goofed!!

Somehow I managed to release the free version of the app with a 3 day trial, not 14 days as advertised. How stupid am I! Needless to say I have corrected the error, but if you happen to have got the incorrect version (pre v4.05) and would like to try it for the full 14…

Freemium Version

Starting with v4 Writing Shed uses a so called Freemium model. This means that new users (Mac and IOS) can download the app and use it for free for 14 days. All app functionality is available during the trial with the exception of iCloud Sync. At the end of the trial period users are given…

Writing Shed for Mac OS

Writing Shed is now available for Mac OS computers. It shares all the same features as the iPad/iPhone version and adds some new ones.The ‘Shed’ is a great tool designed especially for writers of novels, short stories and poetry. No more hunting for files or dealing with multiple versions. No more struggling to keep track…

App Store Updates

I have uploaded new versions to the App Store – v1.12 for Mac OS and v3.8 for IOS. These contain an number of bug fixes. You should update your copies as soon as possible. It would also be fantastic if you could rate the apps on the App Store and also (ideally) write a review.


I have added a new page containing videos about Writing Shed. This is an ongoing project. My aim is to create ‘how to’ videos for both versions of the app.

Adding Extra Fonts

Writing Shed makes available all the fonts installed on your IOS device. Unlike Mac OS it is not easy, though not impossible, to add extra fonts to your device. There are several ways to add more fonts. Have a look at this website.

New Contact Forms

The Contact Us menu now contains three options: Ask a question Make a suggestion Report a bug I think these a self explanatory. The bug report form is quite comprehensive and designed to ease the task of finding and fixing bugs.