Mac OS Mojave Dark Mode

Mojave introduces a new setting for the screen called Dark Mode. You will find it in the System Preferences General tab. If you turn it on you will find that Writing Shed becomes unusable because many of the screens are unreadable. I am working on this and hope to release a version supporting Dark Mode in the not too distant future.

Setting Reminders

The Reminders app in IOS and Mac OS is a great way to keep track of things to do. Writing Shed lets you set up reminders in several places. In the Mac version you will see a Set Reminder button at the bottom of Inspector windows. Clicking the button displays the following panel:

Fill out this form to create a single/repeating reminder. These are added to a list called Writing Shed (what else!) that can be viewed at any time from the Reminders app.

In IOS you need to look for a button with the following icon:

You will find this on a text page, collections/publications lists in edit mode, and the information page for a submission. Here’s a screenshot of the dialog displayed when you tap the reminder button:


Versioning is one of the most useful features of Writing Shed. Writers typically revise texts many times before they are complete (some would say they are never complete, just abandoned). Using traditional word processors such as Word and Pages, even Scrivener, each revised version requires you to create a copy of the text file; either that or to append edited copies of the text to the existing file. Whichever method you choose you are faced with a management problem.

Writing Shed allows you to easily create multiple versions of a text.

In the iPad version you will see the following 5 buttons at the bottom of the text editor (on the iPhone the two circular ones are missing) :

Tapping the plus button will add a new version of the text that is a copy of the selected one. It will also copy any notes attached. To move between versions just swipe left/right. To remove the selected version tap the trash can button. The title bar displays the current version number (v3/3) as shown here:

In the Mac OS version you need to look at the toolbar at the top of the screen:

The version controls are the 4 grouped on the right. The buttons beneath each button describe its function.

The version number of the currently displayed text (v1/1) can be viewed in the inspector window on the right:

If you haven’t already found out about versioning then I hope this tip will persuade you to give it a go.

Writing Shed for Mac OS

Writing Shed is now available for Mac OS computers. It shares all the same features as the iPad/iPhone version and adds some new ones.The ‘Shed’ is a great tool designed especially for writers of novels, short stories and poetry. No more hunting for files or dealing with multiple versions. No more struggling to keep track of submissions of your work. You will find everything in one place, just a click or tap away. Oh, and it’s got a word processor built in. Find out more by watching the video below and visit today.

App Store Updates

I have uploaded new versions to the App Store – v1.12 for Mac OS and v3.8 for IOS. These contain an number of bug fixes. You should update your copies as soon as possible.

It would also be fantastic if you could rate the apps on the App Store and also (ideally) write a review.


I have added a new page containing videos about Writing Shed. This is an ongoing project. My aim is to create ‘how to’ videos for both versions of the app.

Crashes and reviews

Unfortunately only a very few people post reviews on the App Store. Sadly this mostly happens if the app has failed for them for some reason and the result is a negative review. It would be good if users who like the app would spend a couple of minutes posting a positive review to help create a more balanced view of the situation.

If an app crashes then a crash report is generated and sent to the developer who can then analyse it and, hopefully, rectify matters and produce an update to fix it. I have received very few crash reports over the past few releases, and all have been fixed.

I would ask though, that if the app causes problems then please contact me via this website before posting a review. That way I will try my best to resolve the issue.

IOS v3.3

Some users are experiencing a crash when the app launches. If this is happening to you and your app is syncing between devices then try deleting the app from the device where it is crashing, reinstall it and then resync.

I’m sorry this has happened folks and am working hard to fix it.

iCloud Sync

When does Writing Shed sync your work: answer, when you activate/deactivate the app. There is also a Synchronise Projects command in the Projects menu. Choosing this forces the app to sync your work.

It is natural to assume that synchronising your work across devices takes place, if not instantaneously, then at least within minutes. Well, it is never instantaneous, but it quite often takes place within minutes, if not seconds. But, and it’s a big but, it can take much longer, sometimes hours.

This might seem odd, you muse, because, well, my iPhone and iPad are both next to me and my desktop Mac is in the next room…

The trouble is that your work has to travel through the Internet on its way to your other devices and that lays it open to network delays and iCloud delays.

Adding Extra Fonts

Writing Shed makes available all the fonts installed on your IOS device. Unlike Mac OS it is not easy, though not impossible, to add extra fonts to your device. There are several ways to add more fonts. Have a look at this website.