IOS v3.3

Some users are experiencing a crash when the app launches. If this is happening to you and your app is syncing between devices then try deleting the app from the device where it is crashing, reinstall it and then resync. I’m sorry this has happened folks and am working hard to fix it.

iCloud Sync

When does Writing Shed sync your work: answer, when you activate/deactivate the app. There is also a Synchronise Projects command in the Projects menu. Choosing this forces the app to sync your work. It is natural to assume that synchronising your work across devices takes place, if not instantaneously, then at least within minutes. Well,…

Adding Extra Fonts

Writing Shed makes available all the fonts installed on your IOS device. Unlike Mac OS it is not easy, though not impossible, to add extra fonts to your device. There are several ways to add more fonts. Have a look at this website.

New Contact Forms

The Contact Us menu now contains three options: Ask a question Make a suggestion Report a bug I think these a self explanatory. The bug report form is quite comprehensive and designed to ease the task of finding and fixing bugs.

AppStore Reviews

If you like the App why not post a review on the AppStore. It will be greatly appreciated.

Sorting Scenes

Tip: How to sort scenes assigned to a chapter Scenes are arranged in alphabetical order within chapter. Scenes that have not yet been assigned to a chapter are listed as unassigned. You cannot change this from the scene view. What you need to do is open the chapter view. At the bottom of the view is…

Using Help

Tip: Using help At the top of most views you will see a button with a question mark inside it. If you tap this a number of help hints will appear around the screen. Those filled with yellow are just hints. Those filled with blue are also links to more information. Tap one and another…

Rich Text Format (.rtf)

I’ve often been asked why Writing Shed only supports rich text format. The answer is that IOS only supports rich text format. You might think the app ought to support both Word and Apple Pages formats, and I would agree. In reality though the specification of Word’s document format is huge and it would take me…

Icon Technology: a bit of history

In 1983 I started a company called Icon Technology in partnership with Mike Glover, an Apple Dealer in Leicester. The aim of the company was to develop software for the Apple Macintosh which had just been launched. Our first product was a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) word processor called MacAuthor. As its…


Tip I guess lots of writers, particularly poets, handwrite their early drafts. I certainly do. Since creating Writing Shed though I have started using Notes Plus, a brilliant handwriting app, to produce my initial drafts. When I am ready to add the text to Writing Shed I simply tap a button to convert the handwriting to…