Great writing app – SoCal Lady – Jul 20, 2017

The only thing missing is a way to import images.

Brilliant! – Ryza1975 – Jun 22, 2017

can’t praise this app enough. I write and submit a stack of poetry and short stories and the ability to keep track of submissions and their current status from within a top class word processor is fantastic. The word processor itself is simple and elegant, the filing system is logical and easy to learn (in-depth help file included if needed), iCloud sync between phone and iPad is seamless and has worked perfectly to date, love the single purchase for both devices, being able to track submissions is the icing on the cake. I’m a word processor junkie to begin with and own pretty much every big name writing program anyway but this is a welcome addition to my collection and I can see it becoming the only one I use for my poetry. I was hesitant at the price but took a leap and have been rewarded for doing so – it’s worth every cent. Big thumbs up to the developer.

Amazing! – C.A. Jonelle – Jan 2, 2017

This app is absolutely wonderful! Clean and organized. Just what I was looking for!

Elvish again – Dec 1, 2016

I’ve had this app for quite a while now and think it’s brilliant especially with the easy to follow help files This app certainly helps you to organise your work especially when sending off poems for possible publication. Word processor brill too.

Vixi11 – Dec 18, 2016

I highly recommend this app! I’ve tried a few other writing apps, but this one, for me, is by far the best. Writing Shed has allowed me to move out of a linear mode of writing, now I can write down ideas as they come using the unique ‘scene’ mode. As a result, I feel a lot more freedom as a writer and my creativity has been greatly enhanced. Creating characters and locations is one of the many great features. You can also write your ideas down in the scene mode and even write different versions of the scene, so there’s a lot of room to play around in the creative space. It’s now an absolute joy to sit down and write, thanks to Writing Shed. Also, I’ve been able to pass on suggestions and feedback directly to the developer who is extremely responsive and forthcoming, so the app is always changing and improving. It’s pretty much the perfect writing app. For anyone who’s just starting out on a writing project, whether it be short stories, poems, a screenplay or a novel, Writing Shed is definitely for you.

SammyDuck – Aug 24, 2016

The user interface for this writer’s app is one of the clearest, most logical that I have seen. You can learn it easily in 30 minutes and be writing a scene immediately thereafter. I’ve worked with at least a dozen such apps, and believe this one is off to a good start, though I haven’t yet seen much activity on the App Store. It takes time, of course, for word to get around. I’ve worked mainly with the novel module, and only just tried the short story and poetry modules. What are its benefits? Here are some–with accompanying caveats: 1. The UI is stellar but needs to drill down more, especially in the scene, character, and location outlines. I’d refine the character outline to include inner and outer motivation, for example, and perhaps add some instructional support for creating scenes in the scene outline, mainly for beginners. Maybe, in the character outline, include some facilitation for the “Hero’s Myth” approach and its stages–as an option. 2. What I like best here is the easy creation and comparison of different versions of the same scene. One can quickly switch back and forth between versions, and create a new version from an existing one–in order to experiment. 3. The extra keyboard row is simple, but does the job for most fiction creating and revising. There is a first-line indent button for paragraphs. I’d like to see markdown support, and maybe some “smart characters”, but most fiction writers, I think, will be okay with the rtf format and the BUI styling. There is also a strikethrough button. 4. An external keyboard worked okay (the styling row remains visible at the bottom), but I couldn’t find any CMD-I shortcut, for example. One has to touch the styling row, and that can be distracting, so keyboard shortcuts should be considered. 5. The submissions sections (like folders that can be added in many apps) are handy, but need more depth (subfolders) and versatility. What does this app need? Suggestions: 1. All modules need access to a dictionary and thesaurus, and the poetry module needs access to a rhyming dictionary, as well. These could be through a web url or app url scheme, like Wordweb’s. 2. An index-card function like Scrivener’s would be great for planning, though one can, of course, make a list of plot points/story beats in the “action” part of the scene outlines. 3. More storage capabilities are a must. iCloud syncing seems okay, but I’d add Dropbox and One Drive. Also consider adding md, pdf, html, and epub formats. 4. More sharing capability. Consider WordPress and maybe Facebook publishing, though many writers won’t care about these. I’m aware, of course, that adding more complexity can intimidate users (Scrivener), and detract from the “distraction-freeness” of this app, so these additions should remain out of the way until needed. All in all, I’d check out this app and start making requests to the developer.

My response

Great to hear that you are pleased with the app and apologies for taking so long to reply – Apple has only recently added a reply option for reviews. Thank you for your wish list. I have taken it on board and will give it careful consideration. There is a delicate balance between perceived need and real need – the 80-20 rule. In my experience most writers use only a fraction of the features of programs like Word/Pages. The app includes spell checking, but you have to enable it in the Keyboards section of the Settings App.