There are two features of Writing Shed that make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Support for  multiple versions  of each piece of text

  • The ability to track submission of work to magazines, competitions etc

If you regularly submit work to magazines etc., then you already have a means of keeping track of the submissions. Typical approaches involve:

  • Doing nothing

  • Keeping a record either in the text itself or a notebook

  • Sophisticates might use a spreadsheet

  • Power users will use a database

Writing Shed comes with a built in solution to make life easy for you. There are some differences, covered below, between submitting work from a novel project and work from a short story/poetry project.

Submit short stories/poems:

Suppose you decide to submit three poems to a magazine and these three poems are sitting in the  Ready  folder. The simplest way of doing this is as follows.


  • Expand the ready folder so you can see its contents

  • Select the three poems using shift-click (or cmd-click)

  • Next click on the submit button in the toolbar

  • You will be presented with a dialog where you can either choose a publication or add a new publication. Because there aren’t any publications yet you will offered the chance to create one

  • Choose the publication type from the drop down list, then enter the name of the publication

  • Click  Submit

Note 1: you can submit an item to more than one publication.

Note 2: you cannot add items to a submission, neither can you remove them.

Submit chapters from a novel:

The process is the same as that for short story and poetry projects. The differences are:

  • You submit chapters from the Chapters folder not the scenes folder

  • There is no magazines folder

View publications:


  • Expand the appropriate  Publications  folder. You will see an entry for The Mad Hatter.

  • Expand the Mat Hatter entry. You will see an entry titled The Mad Hatter 07/12/2017, 11:06(3). This represents the submission. Over time you could make many submissions to the magazine. In this case you would see an entry for each. The name of the submission is the name of the publication followed by the date and time of the submission. This is followed by the number of submitted items in brackets.

  • Now expand the submission entry. You will now see a list of the items you submitted.

View Poetry/Short Story Submissions :

When you submitted the poems to The Mad Hatter an entry was added to the  Submissions  folder.


  • Click on the submissions folder

  • An entry for the submission will be displayed

  • If the entry is not expanded, then click on the expand button

  • The list of submitted poems will appear

Note that there is no  Submissions  folder for Novel projects

View contents:

When you expand the contents of a submission either in the Submissions folder or the Publications folder you can view the textual content of any of the submitted items simply by selecting it. The text will appear in the main typing area.

Note that submitted items are displayed in red in their source folder (Chapters, Ready etc) and the submitted versions cannot be moved to the trash. This is stop you losing copies of work that has been submitted.