One of the issues faced by writers is how best to manage multiple versions of a particular text (scene, story, poem). One typical approach is to create a copy of the latest version, give it a name postfixed by a version number, and to keep all versions in a folder with the name of the text. Another approach simply copies the text in the file and pastes it at the beginning, so all versions are in the same file. No doubt there are many variations of these, but whatever approach is taken it needs careful management. 

Writing Shed supports a feature called versioning designed to take the pain out of managing multiple versions of a text. Above all it is simple to use.

If you look in the toolbar when any scene, story or poem is open you will see four buttons:

Add new version:

Click on the Add button and a new version of the current text will be created and displayed. If you look at the  Info  panel you will see the number of versions and number of the current version.

View other versions:

You can step backwards and forwards through the versions using the  Prev  and  Next  buttons.

Delete a version:

To delete the currently displayed version click on the  Del  button. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the version.

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