Write a Poem

The first thing is to create a new draft poem.

Create draft:

  • Make sure that the  Draft  item is selected (highlighted in grey), if not just click on it. Then click on the toolbar button labelled  New.  A dialog will popup in the window where you can enter the name 

  • Let’s call it ‘My First Poem”. Enter this then click  Add  to create the new poem.
  • The window changes to reflect the new context.

  • The toolbar buttons change. 

  • The navigation panel expands the Drafts item with the name of the new poem, and the number in brackets changes to 1 to show the number of poems in the project. You will also notice that the arrow now points downwards to indicate that the Drafts item is in its expanded state. Clicking the arrow will return it to its collapsed state. 

  • A typing area appears containing a blank sheet of paper (the typing area is outlined with a grey line). There is a ruler at the top containing a collection of formatting controls.

  • A new panel appears on the right. This is the Information Inspector. You can hide/show this by clicking the  Info button in the toolbar. More about this later.

Add text

You are now ready to start writing your poem. Click inside the typing area and start typing. For demonstration purposes I have entered some well-known Latin doggerel. Note that there is no need to save the text entered for a draft. Saving is automatic.

An  important feature of Writing Shed is it’s ability to support multiple versions  of a poem. See  Versions  for more details.

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